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A great night out followed by the consequences

Hello Bank holiday and long weekend. So after several weeks planning I had a great night out last night with the guys from work and my other half. This was notable for a couple of reasons. Great company – I’m fortunate to really enjoy the job I do and the people I work with. Great characters who always and to the entertainment of a good night. Great beers – I love traditional beer and found a couple of new ones last night, “Hair of the dog” being an aptly named favourite. However, along with the anticipated hangover this morning I also had the usual high bloods. No matter how careful I am when I’m out, testing my blood every 2 hours and then again before bed, I always wake up with high bloods and then have a day long battle to regain control.

It’s during this battle that I doubt my ability to manage my diabetes. I test, take a bolus and my bloods go up. Scratch my head, re- test. Re- bolus and they have dropped by 1 pr 2 mmol. Does beer have a magical quality that raises my blood sugar? Should beer become my regular hypo treatment – and if so can I have a prescription for some Murphy’s please lol. ┬áBut seriously where do I go so wrong. My normal daily BG average is around 5.6 mmol, but post night out my daily average for today has been around 14 mmol. I’ve finally managed to get it down to 6.4 mmol.

Would live to know how a night out affects you guys as well as any tips for avoiding post drink hypers lol.