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I Can

I have Diabetes – so what. Big deal.

I can beat this. Not medically – not yet. But mentally, daily, I beat diabetes. I control my diabetes – my diabetes does not control me.

I wake every morning with a smile on my face. Because I can.
I have my morning cup of tea with 2 sugars. Because I can.
I’m diabetic not sugar intolerant.
I go to work. Because I can.
I get frustrated, annoyed, I laugh and get bored. Because I can.
I go home.
I get mugged by my two Springer Spaniels. Because they can.
I have a shower, supper and get told what I’m watching on TV by my partner.
Because he can.

I decide what type of day I’m having. Not my diabetes.
I don’t tell anybody to test there blood if they are in a bad mood – so don’t tell me.
I hate needles. I hate endless blood testing. But I don’t hate diabetes.

Diabetes and I have an enduring, love hate relationship. It has educated me. Made me laugh and made me cry, and made me very frustrated. As I have made my DSN very frustrated. I have met many great and truly inspirational people through DOC. I have good days and bad days – but so do non- diabetics.

How do I face the challenges that Diabetes brings – head on. Toe to Toe. And with a smile on my face.

I focus on the “I can…..” Rather than “I can’t…..”

I make mistakes and learn from them. If I don’t know I ask. If they don’t know I educate. If I need support I ask. If support is needed I give. My ear is your ear.

I ignore the people who judge diabetics. Because I can.
I talk to people who don’t understand Diabetes. Because I can.
I eat what I want to eat. Because I can.

I have a comfortable life and share it with the guy of my dreams, two cats, and the Springers. I love the job I have. I love my friends.

What more could I want.