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I Can

I have Diabetes – so what. Big deal.

I can beat this. Not medically – not yet. But mentally, daily, I beat diabetes. I control my diabetes – my diabetes does not control me.

I wake every morning with a smile on my face. Because I can.
I have my morning cup of tea with 2 sugars. Because I can.
I’m diabetic not sugar intolerant.
I go to work. Because I can.
I get frustrated, annoyed, I laugh and get bored. Because I can.
I go home.
I get mugged by my two Springer Spaniels. Because they can.
I have a shower, supper and get told what I’m watching on TV by my partner.
Because he can.

I decide what type of day I’m having. Not my diabetes.
I don’t tell anybody to test there blood if they are in a bad mood – so don’t tell me.
I hate needles. I hate endless blood testing. But I don’t hate diabetes.

Diabetes and I have an enduring, love hate relationship. It has educated me. Made me laugh and made me cry, and made me very frustrated. As I have made my DSN very frustrated. I have met many great and truly inspirational people through DOC. I have good days and bad days – but so do non- diabetics.

How do I face the challenges that Diabetes brings – head on. Toe to Toe. And with a smile on my face.

I focus on the “I can…..” Rather than “I can’t…..”

I make mistakes and learn from them. If I don’t know I ask. If they don’t know I educate. If I need support I ask. If support is needed I give. My ear is your ear.

I ignore the people who judge diabetics. Because I can.
I talk to people who don’t understand Diabetes. Because I can.
I eat what I want to eat. Because I can.

I have a comfortable life and share it with the guy of my dreams, two cats, and the Springers. I love the job I have. I love my friends.

What more could I want.

A great night out followed by the consequences

Hello Bank holiday and long weekend. So after several weeks planning I had a great night out last night with the guys from work and my other half. This was notable for a couple of reasons. Great company – I’m fortunate to really enjoy the job I do and the people I work with. Great characters who always and to the entertainment of a good night. Great beers – I love traditional beer and found a couple of new ones last night, “Hair of the dog” being an aptly named favourite. However, along with the anticipated hangover this morning I also had the usual high bloods. No matter how careful I am when I’m out, testing my blood every 2 hours and then again before bed, I always wake up with high bloods and then have a day long battle to regain control.

It’s during this battle that I doubt my ability to manage my diabetes. I test, take a bolus and my bloods go up. Scratch my head, re- test. Re- bolus and they have dropped by 1 pr 2 mmol. Does beer have a magical quality that raises my blood sugar? Should beer become my regular hypo treatment – and if so can I have a prescription for some Murphy’s please lol. ┬áBut seriously where do I go so wrong. My normal daily BG average is around 5.6 mmol, but post night out my daily average for today has been around 14 mmol. I’ve finally managed to get it down to 6.4 mmol.

Would live to know how a night out affects you guys as well as any tips for avoiding post drink hypers lol.

Just Saying Hi

Just saying hi
So I’ve decided to blog. To blog about diabetes specifically, with a bit of randomness thrown in for good measure. When I say “decided too” I mean more “taken up the challenge” which was thrown down during a recent twitter chat hosted by Our Diabetes.
So who am I? Well – I’m Stuart – a 45 year old guy living in Sheffield with his partner of 15 years Robert, two Springer Spaniels, Jessica & Jerry and two cats – both of whom are called Cat lol. I’m a T1 diabetics of 7 years and have been pumping for the last 4 years using the Accucheck Spirit Combo.
I have a love hate relationship with Diabetes. I’m sure I’m the cause of much frustration with my care team. I swing from been the worlds best diabetic to the worst, I can test like a maniac or not bother. At the moment I am just regaining control having gone through another period of what I call “Diabetic Burnout”. For the uninitiated this is when I hit the brick wall and can’t contemplate another blood test, completing one more mathematical equation before a meal or the inane comments from the dark side (non-diabetics).
I’m an arm chair politico with opinions that will often be voiced on a vast range of subjects. I love debate – it is the heartbeat of any civilised Society. I hate ignorance. I never mean to offend but won’t always agree with you. This doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Diversity of opinion is always healthy.
So having read this if you feel intrigued, bemused or apathetic, but have a feeling in your nether regions we may get along then please engage with the blog : -) answer the questions, offer advise, enjoy the humour, share an opinion,or two.
My commitment will be to update my blog at least once or twice a week. To share the trials and tribulations of a 21st Century, technophobic diabetic – who loves life and all it has to offer.

I'm in the hat.
I’m in the hat.