Just Saying Hi

Just saying hi
So I’ve decided to blog. To blog about diabetes specifically, with a bit of randomness thrown in for good measure. When I say “decided too” I mean more “taken up the challenge” which was thrown down during a recent twitter chat hosted by Our Diabetes.
So who am I? Well – I’m Stuart – a 45 year old guy living in Sheffield with his partner of 15 years Robert, two Springer Spaniels, Jessica & Jerry and two cats – both of whom are called Cat lol. I’m a T1 diabetics of 7 years and have been pumping for the last 4 years using the Accucheck Spirit Combo.
I have a love hate relationship with Diabetes. I’m sure I’m the cause of much frustration with my care team. I swing from been the worlds best diabetic to the worst, I can test like a maniac or not bother. At the moment I am just regaining control having gone through another period of what I call “Diabetic Burnout”. For the uninitiated this is when I hit the brick wall and can’t contemplate another blood test, completing one more mathematical equation before a meal or the inane comments from the dark side (non-diabetics).
I’m an arm chair politico with opinions that will often be voiced on a vast range of subjects. I love debate – it is the heartbeat of any civilised Society. I hate ignorance. I never mean to offend but won’t always agree with you. This doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Diversity of opinion is always healthy.
So having read this if you feel intrigued, bemused or apathetic, but have a feeling in your nether regions we may get along then please engage with the blog : -) answer the questions, offer advise, enjoy the humour, share an opinion,or two.
My commitment will be to update my blog at least once or twice a week. To share the trials and tribulations of a 21st Century, technophobic diabetic – who loves life and all it has to offer.

I'm in the hat.
I’m in the hat.