I’d rather be naked in public #dblogweek

So day three of diabetes blog week – and the topic is mental health. As a bloke I’d rather be naked in the pub on a busy Saturday night than consider my emotional well being , so this will be a tough one for me.

Do I suffer from depression? Probably. Sometimes. Anxiety – most definitely. Stress, on a daily basis. Do I talk about it – no. Never.

I understand mental health.

My partner has bipolar. I love him for it. It makes him him. I hate him for it. I hate the hurt and frustration it causes him. The fear, the unknown, the stigma. We love the highs. When he can conquer the world.

So why can’t I talk about my own mental health. Because I can’t.

How do you explain that your scared of what’s happening. That your loosing your memory. That your “tackle” has stopped working. I don’t.

I get out of bed and go downstairs. Have my 30 mins of me time. Then put the kettle on, put a smile on and go wake the household up. Dogs out, tea made, shower, work, come home, supper, shower, bed. Repeat.

My annual review never involves a conversation about my emotional well being.

They don’t ask and I don’t tell.


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