Seeking Approval

Great blog – can relate to so much

Two Steps From Hell

This is my long and winding road about trying for my first pump.
I had first thought about trying to get a NHS funded pump nearly 3 years ago. Back then I had not yet discovered the Diabetic Online Community (DOC), hell I didn’t even have a Facebook account let alone Twitter.
I was on my own, trying to find a guiding light. Google was my only friend, the INPUT website  looked like where I needed to go, I grabbed their  Step by Step Guide and decided to email for help.
Melissa was great, she advised almost straight away that I should  consider a change to a pump friendly clinic. But I didn’t know any better, my hospital was the best! So I kept the faith and stayed put.

INPUT’s advice for pump approval states:

• You adhere to multiple daily injections (MDI, 4 or more injections/day)
• You…

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