A time for military planning

Holiday coming up in two weeks. Sunshine, good food, vino, good company – and a logistical nightmare.

To the uninitiated pumping on your holidays takes a lot of planning, checking and double checking. It begins with the inquisition by my GP’s receptionist about why I need 10 vials of insulin plus  some pre-filled cartridges for my back up pens.  Purchasing the Dextrose sweets, calculating how many infusion sets are needed, finding my spare BG meter, checking batteries, ordering extra test strips, collecting the back up pump, letter from GP to explain what medication I am carrying. And then checking it all again. And again.

The airport is surprisingly hassle free. Unlike my Doctor’s receptionist.

The there will be the annual first day hypos – don’t know why but that will be  the initial reaction to the heat.  This will be followed by the daily battle of the sun beds which is not restricted to diabetics lol

And during this build up I have my annual review and afew other blood tests due to short term memory issues.

Sometimes i wish I could have a few weeks holiday from the old diabetes.


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